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Avon Chesapeake Collection from 1981 bar set just in time for Father’s Day. Includes the  Chesapeake Collection measuring jigger glass with a molded dog's head base with candle in the Fresh Aroma fragrance. When the candle is gone, use it as a jigger to measure drinks. The retriever glass jigger is amber with the head of the retriever acting as a base for the candle and then as a measuring jigger. Stands about 4 inches tall and is marked on the back of the neck AVON.

Included is the Mallards in Flight metal tray. Green tray with male and female mallard ducks in flight over cattails. Picture is on inside of the tray. Sides and bottom are sold forest green and measures 12 inch diameter. Has never been used or displayed.

Also included is a set of 4 drinking old-fashion glasses. They are clear glass with mallards in flight decals and unique shape. Each glass stands about 3 1/4 inches tall and according to the box, each glass can contain up to 8 oz of beverage. There are no cracks, chips or flakes. Decals are mint with no wear.

And included is the Chesapeake Collection set of 4 coasters with a motif of ducks and geese. Each coaster has a different picture of wild game birds - Canadian goose, Mallard, Pintail and Green Wing Teal. Made in England exclusively for Avon, the coaster has a green felt-back on metal. Each coaster measures 4 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.   

All are in mint condition and come in their original boxes. None of the items have been used or displayed and are marked AVON. Boxes do show some wear as you can see in the picture.

The 1981 Avon Chesapeake Collection is a perfect gift for Father’s Day.


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