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Set of 4 antique Greentown Early American Pattern Glass Overall Lattice or Pattern No. 38 footed crystal sauce dish.  Overall Lattice made by the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Co of Greentown, Indiana circa 1897 was designed by Charles Miller and introduced at the Pittsburgh Exhibit in January 1897.  The footed sauce dish has an ribbed lattice-type design around the bowl with plain base.  There is also a lip just inside the dish.  

The footed sauce dishes are in very good condition.  There are no cracks, chips or flakes except for some roughness on the inner lip.  A few small bubbles in the glass which is normal.  Glass is clear and sits level. The Overall Lattice footed sauce dish stands about 3 inches tall and the opening is 4 9/16 inch diameter.

While these bowls are called sauce dishes in all the reference books I have, I would use them for ice cream or dessert bowls. 



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